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Arriving at the Emergency Clinic

Assess the need and urgency of the emergency visit before departing for the emergency clinic.


Upon your arrival a nurse will assess the need and urgency of emergency care based on your symptoms. You will be treated either at a nurse's or a doctor's practice.

After registering you will be directed to the waiting lobby or an observation room.

If your symptoms do not require emergency care, the nurse may direct you to home care, and you will receive instructions on how to carry out home care and monitoring.

While waiting

Please try to recall the following information while waiting:

  • Your regular medication and any possible allergies
  • Questions regarding your treatment
  • Any medical certificates required, for example, by your employer

Examinations and operations

Some examinations can be performed before seeing the doctor, e.g. urine sample, blood pressure and electrocardiograph tests.

You may have to wait to be admitted to any examinations ordered by the doctor, such as laboratory and X-ray examinations. The examination results may come in from half an hour to two hours. Once the results have come in, your doctor will inform you of them and decide whether further treatment is required or not.

Your doctor will prescribe you treatment or medicine, which the nurse will carry out.

Waiting time is also care time, and your condition is monitored during this time. If your condition changes while waiting, please inform the healthcare staff.

Follow-up care

If your symptoms are minor enough, you will be discharged. You may receive a prescription for pharmacological treatment.

During home care the urgency of your symptoms may change, in which case a new contact may be required.

If your symptoms require hospital care, you will be admitted to an inpatient ward or another institution.

We hope that your visit to the emergency clinic will be fluent and carried out in good co-operation!

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Luotu: 07/11/2014 19:19

Bring with you

  • Your Kela card (of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland)
  • Information regarding your medication and allergies
  • Any possible asthma inhalers and insulin
  • Child health clinic cards for children under school age