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Patient Safety

Safe and quality treatment is a common good. Our staff takes safety into account in every aspect of their work, and we monitor the state of patient safety on a daily basis.

Participate in safety improvement

  • Check if you need to stay without food or drink before a procedure.
  • Ask about for what purposes are certain procedures performed on you.
  • Inform the staff if you are in doubt or worried about something relating to your treatment.
  • Keep a list of medicines, vitamins and natural health products you use. Inform the health care staff about these products.
  • Inform the health care staff in advance if you have any allergies or sicknesses.
  • Make sure that you receive the results of the procedures performed on you.
  • Before discharge, ask the doctor or nurse about your follow-up treatment and act according to the instructions you receive.
  • Be sure to wash your hands. Make sure that your visitors also wash their hands according to the instructions.

Did something go wrong?

If you think we made a mistake, please let the staff know immediately.

See feedback channels.

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