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If something goes wrong

The treatment might not be carried out as expected, even if everyone did their best. If you think we made a mistake, please let the staff know immediately.

Patient feedback

You can send feedback via an on-line form or by filling out a paper form available in the wards. We process feedback every workday. The feedback is forwarded to the unit in question, where it is processed on a weekly basis

Give feedback

Notice of a dangerous situation

The patient or the next of kin can notify about a dangerous situation during treatment via an on-line form. The person in charge of patient safety processes the notices.

Submit a notice


If you are unhappy with your care or you feel you have been mistreated, you can make a free-form written objection to the responsible director of the unit.

You will receive a written reply to the objection within a reasonable period of time after its arrival. The reply will include information about what actions have taken place or how the issue has been resolved otherwise.

Ask the patient representative about additional information about objections.

Notice of Patient Injury

A notice of patient injury can be submitted via a form available from the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre web site, the patient representative and social workers.

The notice is posted to the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre address found in the form.

The Finnish Patient Insurance Centre compensates injuries based on the Patient Injuries Act, namely injuries sustained in health care and medical treatment within the geographical area of Finland.

Ask the patient representative about additional information about patient injury notices.

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