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Visiting hours at our wards are usually from 1 pm to 7 pm.

The Turku University Hospital wards of Department of otorhinolaryngology - head and neck surgery, Department of paediatrics and adolescent medicin, psychiatry as well as the Surgical hospital are available to visitors at all times.

See possible exceptions on the wards' pages:

Visiting outside the aforementioned hours can be arranged with the ward staff.

Patient enquiries

We give patient data only by the patient's consent. If the patient cannot give his/her consent due to his/her condition, the information is given only to the next of kin.

By phone, we can primarily give information only about the patient's condition. We wish that the next of kin can come to an agreement on who should enquire by phone about the condition and the discharge of the patient. Discussions with the doctor can be arranged separately.

Staying overnight at the hospital

In some cases it is possible for the next of kin to stay overnight at the hospital. Ask the ward staff for more information.

Visitor instructions

We wish that a maximum of two or three of the next of kin visit the patient at the same time.

Outer clothing should be left in storage in the hospital lobbies. The clothing storage isn't guarded in every hospital.

Suitable presents include, for example, books, magazines and small snacks. Bringing flowers to the wards of Operational Division of Medicine is forbidden.

Our cafés and canteens are at your disposal, and you can buy presents from there as well. See opening hours at the hospital pages.

Avoid visiting if you or anyone in your household are suffering from common cold, cough or any other contagious disease.

Strong perfumes are not suitable in the hospital.

Our staff will gladly give more instructions and information about visiting.

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