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​Public Utility Tyks-Sapa, Medical Care Services

The public utility Tyks-Sapa produces and organises medical services and contracted research for the hospital district, its member municipalities and for other clients, and the utility enables the development of research and teaching within the field.  The public utility Tyks-Sapa is part of the Intermunicipal Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

The public utility consists of six service areas. Some Faculty of Medicine of the University of Turku research and education units work in connection with the service areas.

The public utility produces services within the following fields:

Clinical Neurophysiology

Instrument Service Centre


Microbiology and Genetics (In Finnish)


Pharmaceutical Services


Part of the public utility is also the Saske Screening Center. It is a laboratory specialized in screening for inborn errors of metabolism.

Client contact persons

The service areas have client contact persons for contacts from hospitals, health centres and from other clients of the public utility.

  • Pathology: Chief Specialist Heikki Aho
  • Instrument Service: Manager Hanna Mäkilä,
  • Pharmaceutical services: Qualified chemist Minna-Liisa Knuutila-Jerkku
  • Tykslab: Assistant Chief Physician Pia Leino 
  • Tyks Mikrobiology and genetic manager Antti Hakanen
  • Medical Imaging Centre of Southwest Finland: Associate Administrative Chief Physician Sakari Salo
  • Clinical Neurophysiology: Assistant Medical Director Markus Müller


Business idea and vision

The operation of Public utility Tyks-Sapa is based on the strategy approved by the board 20 Sept 2011 § 61. According to the strategy, the business idea of the public utility is to produce medical services to be used by health care units in the expert responsibility area of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland in a comprehensive and national manner within our special fields of know-how. At the public utility Tyks-Sapa , the research, studies, development and education of medical services are performed for the needs of the changing health care to best benefit the patient.

According to our vision 2015, the public utility Tyks-Sapa will be a trusted and leading organiser and producer of medical services within the expert responsibility area of the Hospital district of Southwest Finland as well as a nationally recognized forerunner within the field.



The operations of the public utility Tyks-Sapa are directed and supervised by the board of the public utility. The board is responsible for appropriately organising the administration and operation of the public utility and its internal control. There are nine members and their personal deputy members in the board. One of the members and his/her deputy member represent the University of Turku. The reporting member of the board is managing director Hanna Mäkäräinen, and the secretary of the board is secretary to management Kirsi-Marja Blomster.

Board contact information:

Public utility Tyks-Sapa board, TE504D
Hämeentie 11
FI-20520 Turku
Tel. 02 313 2900

Päivitetty: 12/09/2017 15:04
Luotu: 07/11/2014 19:55


Contact information


Hanna Mäkäräinen
Managing director
02 313 2904

Kirsi-Marja Blomster
Secretary to management
02 313 2900

Mervi Koskinen
Office supervisor
02 313 7306