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Pathology Unit 937

​Contact information

Street address:

Medisiina, Kiinamyllynkatu 10, Turku

Office hours

Mon to Fri 8 am to 3:30 pm

Telephone numbers

Office 02 313 1673,
02 313 1687

Autopsy unit 

02 313 2672 enquiries about the deceased

Histology laboratory
02 313 1681

Neuropathology laboratory
02 313 1686

Postal address:

Hospital District of Southwest Finland, Public utility Tyks-Sapa, pathology 937
PO Box 52, 20521 Turku


02 313 9008

Pathology Unit 937

Our unit studies tissue and neuropathological samples and performs autopsies.

The administration of pathology is also located in the unit.

Enquiries about sample studies should be directed to the hospital unit where the sample has been taken or where the patient has deceased.

The results of the autopsy are delivered to the next of kin by the doctor who last treated the patient, and he/she also compiles the death certificate and gives the permission of burial. If the cause of death was not natural (accident, homicide, suicide, occupational disease, war), the police may order a forensic post-mortem examination and autopsy, which are performed by the forensic medical practitioners of the forensic medicine unit of University of Turku or the county administration, who also compile the death certificate (tel. 02 333 7438)

Patients who are giving samples are admitted to the hospital or other health care units usually by referral, but some urgent patients are admitted without a referral via the emergency room.

The service division of pathology of public utility Tyks-Sapa has been awarded the quality certificate by the Qualification section of Labquality Oy. Our action system has been designed according to the standards of the quality certificate. The standard is defined by the Finnish Division of the International Academy of Pathology.

As a teaching hospital, our unit incorporates bachelors of medicine and students of nursing work in practical internship. As a university hospital, we participate in medical and nursing research of our speciality.

People in charge:

Head of service division, head physician Markku Kallajoki, tel. 02 3131680

Head physician, professor Ilmo Leivo, tel. 02 313 5937

Director of nursing Benita Paloheinä, tel. 02 313 1901

Administrative head specialist Heikki Aho, tel. 02 313 1669

Administrative head nurse Sirpa Ståhle, tel. 02 313 1672

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