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 Clinical Neurosciences

Contact information

Operational division administration

Head of operational division Jaakko Rinne
tel. 02 313 1703

Director of nursing
Sari Johansson
tel. 02 313 1701

Secretary to the head of operational division
Leila Laakso-Kantonen
tel. 02 313 2700

Secretary to the director of nursing Pirjo Varila
p. 02 313 2701

Fax 02 313 1709

Office address

Tyks, T-hospital, 5th floor, E Wing
Hämeentie 11, Turku

Postal address

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku

 Clinical Neurosciences

  • Overview
  • Scientific research

The Clinical Neurosciences Operational Division of Turku University Hospital is responsible for the specialised and emergency care and the treatment of neurosurgical and vascular surgery patients in the hospital district area of Southwest Finland.

Our largest patient group is patients have suffered disorders of the cerebral blood circulation.

Our inpatient wards treat primarily emergency cases.

Our sections:

Outpatient clinics

Inpatient wards

We participate in various national and international research projects and employ the data extracted and experience gained from these studies in our patient work.

The focus areas of our research:

  • brain damages
  • cerebral artery diseases
  • arterial disease
  • memory diseases
  • multiple sclerosis (MS)
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