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Paediatric Outpatient Clinic

Street address:

Tyks Vakka-Suomi Hospital
Terveystie 2, Uusikaupunki

Office hours

Mon, Tue  & Wed 8 am to 3


02 3141006
Office hours

Appointment changes Mon-Fri 10-12 
02 3141021

Postal address

Terveystie 2
23500 Uusikaupunki

Paediatric Outpatient Clinic

We treat paediatric diseases in our region while taking the whole family into consideration.

We treat the following diseases and perform the following examinations, among others

  • asthma and related pulmonary function examinations
  • allergies
  • hyposensitisation treatment
  • diabetes
  • growth problems
  • obesity
  • increased susceptibility to infections
  • intestinal problems
  • headache
  • cardiac murmur

We admit patients

  • by referral from basic health care and the private sector
  • by internal referral from the Tyks Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

A clinic fee is collected from your visit.

People in charge:

Head physician, docent Leena Kainulainen

Nurse in charge Anne Sjöblom

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