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State Research Funding

The research committee of the expert responsibility area grants research funding based on applications.

Municipalities, joint authorities, state mental institutes and service providers assigned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health that manage an operational healthcare unit can apply for health research funding. 
Act on Specialized Medical Care, 1062/1989 
Health Care Act, 1326/2010

The state granted over 5.7 million euro to the research committee of the Turku University Hospital expert responsibility area for university level health research funding.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health grants research funding to the research committees of the expert responsibility areas of the university hospitals in 2012 to 2015 based on the portions presented in the following table. The division is based on the average impact factor from 2008 to 2010.

Table: Annual state research funding division between expert responsibility areas in 2012 to 2015


impact factor
average 2008-2010


















The activity of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland as a part of its education and research made possible by state funding is described in more detail in the yearly published Tyks expert responsibility area research and education annual.

The national research assessment group

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has defined the goals and focus areas of university level health research in their decree. In addition, the ministry establishes a national health research assessment group of experts.

The duties of the group are to suggest the grounds for granting funds upon hearing the research committees (from 2016 onwards), to monitor the fulfilment of the focus areas of research, to assess achieved goals and research quality, the amount and results of research, to compile a quadrennial summary of research activity, to suggest new focus areas and to monitor the impact of research.

The assessment work group includes 18 members and deputy members, a chairman, a deputy chairman and 3 to 5 secretaries. The assessment work group requires representation from every five expert responsibility areas.

The hospital district has appointed chief physician of research Päivi Rautava as a work group member, and professor, head physician Jaakko Hartiala as a potential secretary for the group's first term.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health's decree on university level research funding 718/2013 (In Finnish)

External research funding

The hospital district performs research by request and academic research by the researchers' own initiative.

In addition to state funding, some of the research projects receive funding from public and private sponsors and research commissioners. This funding has amounted to about 6 million euro.

There are eight research projects in the hospital district funded by the EU, and the hospital district participates in two Centre of Excellence projects of the Academy of Finland.

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