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Research Committee of the Expert Responsibility Area

Finland has been divided into expert responsibility areas (ERVA), each with a university educating physicians and a university hospital. The hospital districts of the expert responsibility area are, in co-operation with each other, responsible for the guidance and counselling of organising scientific research in the area's municipalities and hospital districts.

The Health Care Act stipulates that the hospital districts of the expert responsibility area must assign a university level health research committee in their area, with interdisciplinary representation from the units of specialised health care.

The expert responsibility area research committee has two main duties:

  • the quadrennial definition of the focus areas and goals of university level health research in co-operation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
  • deciding on the division of the state research funding between the university level health researches (see state research funding)

The administration of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland has established a research committee for the expert responsibility area and chosen medical director Samuli Saarni as its chairman, and the following members:

  • Head physician Minna Aromaa
  • Professor Matti Viitanen
  • Head physician Elise Wasén
  • Professor, head physician Seija Grenman
  • Professor, head physician Jaakko Hartiala
  • Professor, head physician Tarja Laitinen
  • Professor, head physician Olli Carpén
  • Professor Jarmo Hietala
  • Professor, head physician Juhani Knuuti
  • Professor, head physician Risto-Pekka Happonen
  • Professor, director of nursing Helena Leino-Kilpi
  • Professor, head physician Tapani Rönnemaa
  • Professor, head dentist Pekka Vallittu
  • Professor Paula Vainiomäki
  • Medical director Olli Wanne
  • Executive director of nursing Paula Asikainen
  • Päivi Korhonen, MD
  • Medical director Auvo Rauhala
  • Executive director of nursing Marina Kinnunen
  • Assistant head physician Leena Taittonen

The presentator of the committee is the chief physician of research Päivi Rautava and the secretary and judicial expert of committee is deputy research lawyer Tom Southerington.

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