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Coronavirus epidemic in 2020

On this page you will find updated information on the coronavirus and the epidemic from the perspective of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

Situation in the Hospital District of Southwest Finland

The coronavirus infections in Southwest Finland are increasing. In total there has been 521 infections in the hospital district of Southwest Finland. During last week (14th to 20th September 2020) 29 new infections were found. You can follow the corona virus situation on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare's (THL) website.

Visits to patients are allowed to a limited extent

Visits are possible in hospitals, but in such a way that the number of visitors is generally limited to two visitors per patient.

Department-specific restrictions continue, particularly in wards that manage at-risk groups. These include departments such as elderly psychiatry, cancer, intensive care and emergency services. Please call on beforehand to the ward you intend to visit to check if you are allowed to visit or not.

Recommendations in Southwest Finland to reduce the spreading of the coronavirus

You should go to the coronavirus tests as instructed by STM. The urgency of applying for the test should be weighed against the fact that most of the infections in the area can be traced abroad. For example, if a child's symptoms are very mild and the child is not known to have been exposed to a confirmed case of corona. See also children and coronavirus (THL).

A face mask is recommended in the region of Southwest Finland in accordance with THL's mask recommendation (basic level recommendation).

See also from Föli's website what changes does the coronavirus cause in Turku region traffic and other services.

Telework is recommended in accordance with Finnish government's decision of principle (in Finnish). According to the recommendation, workplaces in the area will switch to teleworking as work permits. Work arrangements will also be promoted to reduce close contacts and other risk factors in the workplace.

Regional state administrative agencies will give restrictions on public events. See the restrictions on public events (STM).

Stop infections from spreading

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