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Coronavirus epidemic in 2021

On this page you will find updated information on the coronavirus and the epidemic from the perspective of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland. The page also contains instructions for applying for the corona test, information on visits to Tyks hospitals, and links to the district municipalities' own corona pages.

Situation in Southwest Finland

Updated 20 July2021

Southwest Finland is in the acceleration phase of coronavirus.

The latest incidence rate per one hundred thousand inhabitants in Southwest Finland is 66,6 (THL 19 July 2021). On 13 July the incidence rate was 63,7.

The share of positives among those tested is now 2.6 percent. Last week the share of positives was 2.0 percent. Despite the more easily transmitted deltavirus, infection tracing has been succesful.

Tuesday 20 July the corona prevention group made no changes to the existing recommendations.

You can follow the corona virus situation on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare's (THL) website.

Coronavirus vaccines

The Hospital District delivers the majority of vaccines upon arrival to the municipalities in southwest Finland, which are responsible for performing the vaccinations. In southwest Finland, the number of vaccine doses distributed to the municipalities according to nationally defined criteria.

Vaccinations are given in accordance with the Government decree and THL's draft vaccination schedule. The data of the vaccinations given are reported compiledly in the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) vaccination register, which also shows the progress of vaccinations in Southwest Finland.

See more

Recommendations for Southwest Finland

All recommendations are valid in all of Southwest Finland for the time being, unless otherwise noted.

Working remotely

Face masks

The use of the mask is recommended in the following situations and for the following persons over 12 years of age

  • In public transport
  • Persons applying for the coronavirus test on the way to sampling and before the completion of the test result if there is a necessary reason to move outside the home.
  • Passengers arriving in Finland from the risk area when they move from the point of entry to quarantine or if they have a necessary reason to move outside the home during quarantine.
  • In primary school from the 6th grade onwards as well as in secondary schools (including high schools) and universities and colleges.
  • In indoor work communities, if more than one person works or resides in the same space.
  • Indoors used for hobbies and volunteering if there are several people in the same room.
  • In public premises indoors and public events. The mask is recommended for example in shops and malls, theatres, museums and libraries.
  • When visiting or working in a hospital, health center, or 24-hour care facility.
  • In domestic tourism, the destination's instructions on how to use the mask should be followed.
  • You should always use the face mask in situations where it is difficult to avoid close contact, for example at public events, or indoors or in shops, for example, when there are a lot of people.
  • In the workplace, it is recommended to follow the guidelines of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The employer decides on the practices to be applied in the workplace.

See also from Föli's website what changes does the coronavirus cause in Turku region traffic and other services.

Protecting the elderly and at-risk groups

With vaccination coverage of more than 90 percent in 24-hour care units, visiting practices in these can be facilitated. When the local epidemic situation and vaccine coverage allow, visiting practices in health care wards can also be eased.

Organization of teaching

In universities and colleges teaching must be arranged in such a way that participants avoid close contact when there are more than 10 people indoors and more than 50 people in confined spaces outdoors.

More about public spaces in Turku, hobbies and the organization of teaching.

Public and private premises

The use of public and private customer and business premises is not restricted for the time being. Participants and groups must avoid close contact with each other when there are more than 10 people indoors and more than 50 people in confined spaces outdoors.

Indoors, close contact must be avoided. The instructions of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare on the organization of public events should be followed.

Amendments to restaurant restrictions are decided by a government decree (see press release 3 June 2021).

Public events

Private events

  • The same recommendation applies to private events as to public events.

Restrictions on hobbies

Children and young people (born 2001 and later)

  • Hobbies can continue with close contact.
  • Match and competition activities are allowed.


  • Group exercise and competition activities indoors and outdoors can continue.
  • Close contact indoors should be avoided. Participants must avoid close contact with each other when there are more than 10 people indoors and more than 50 people in confined spaces outdoors.

In addition

  • Swimming pools and their washing and sauna facilities may be used, taking into account the requirements for safety clearences and hygiene measures.
  • It is recommended that private operators take similar action.


It is recommended to use discretion especially when travelling abroad and to take into account the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Institute for Health and Welfare's (THL) recommendation to avoid travelling to Russia.

Visiting the hospital during the coronavirus epidemic

As the situation eases, the visit policy can be eased from 4 June 2021, however, following the instructions below. The instructions apply to all hospitals at Turku University Hospital (Tyks).

Visiting instructions:

  • Arrange your visit with the unit in advance.
  • Follow the instructions you receive from the treatment unit regarding the time of visit and protection.
  • Arrive for a visit in good health. If you have respiratory symptoms, you should not arrive for a visit to the hospital.
  • Wear a face mask (take your own mask with you) in all areas of the hospital.
  • Use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the hospital, ward, and patient room.
  • A maximum of two people can visit the patient at the same time.
  • We recommend short visits of up to 15 minutes.
  • If you have just returned from abroad, please refrain from visiting the hospital within 14 days of arriving in Finland, if
    • you have not received the full corona vaccination series (the second vaccination at least two weeks before your visit)
    • you have not had corona virus infection less than 6 months ago
    • you do not have a negative corona test result taken at least 72 hours after your arrival in Finland to show.

Exceptions may be made for visits to a seriously ill or hospitalized patient in order to make the visit as flexible as possible. Similarly, in some treatment units, such as intensive care units, visitation rules may be more limited due to the operation of the unit.

In childbirth there can be two support persons in the delivery room and one support person in the maternity ward. There is no time limit for support persons visits to departments. During visiting hours you may have one guest in addition to the support person and if the support person is not present, you can have two guests.

At emergency and appointments, the escort may be present throughout the visit if the patient's condition so requires. You can also come to the hospital to pick up the patient.

Coronavirus tests etc.

Coronavirus tests

The result of the coronavirus test is usually reported from the Tyks laboratory within two days of sampling. As a rule, the answer comes by text message from the party from whom the referral for sampling was received. The test result is also reported in the Omakanta service. If the response is delayed by more than two days, it is advisable to contact the party from whom the referral was made.

Coronavirus tests are not analyzed on Saturdays between 26 June and 7 August 2021. The response delay for samples taken on Friday afternoon is therefore longer than usual. The results of the coronavirus tests taken during the weekend will be completed on Sunday between 12 pm and 5 pm. The completion of samples taken outside Turku is also affected by transport schedules.

More information

The regional corona prevention group of Southwest Finland

The regional corona prevention group of Southwest Finland is a joint steering group of many actors. The group meets regularly and outlines regional recommendations. Read more about the composition of the regional corona prevention group.

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Koronakoordinaatioryhmä haluaa ravintolatartunnat kuriin
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​Johtajaylilääkäri suosittaa Venäjältä saapuvia matkustajia hakeutumaan koronatestiin myös oireettomana
Tyksin sairaaloissa ei koronapotilaita viikkoon
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Tyks Laboratoriot satakertaisti koronan kapasiteettinsa puolessa vuodessa
Varsinais-Suomi voi mahdollisesti siirtyä takaisin kiihtymisvaiheeseen ensi viikolla
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Pieniä kevennyksiä rajoituksiin kirjastoissa ja museoissa
Turun Varissuolla seulotaan koronavirusta pikatestillä
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If you suspect that you have contracted the coronavirus, first do a symptom survey at

Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates (Finnish Institute for health and welfare, THL)

 Municipalities' corona web pages

Listed below are the hospital district of Southwest Finlands' member municipalities' own corona web pages, if one exists in the municipality. Please note, that all municipalities do not have English web pages.