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Regional Patient Data Service Altti

Altti is the regional client data register of the social and health services of Southwest Finland. It enables the quick access to patient and client data for professionals over organisational boundaries.

The use of the register requires that the patient has been informed of the register and that the informing has been logged. The data in the register can be used only in the treatment of the patient.

Quick access to information from various treatment centres

The nurses and doctors of Turku University Hospital, other Tyks hospitals and health centres can retrieve patient and treatment information registered in other places of treatment from the register.

Basic health care data in Southwest Finland is currently available from Turku health centre and seven other health centres.

Social and health service providers outside the regional client data service can receive patient/client data information from Altti only if the patient has given his/her consent.

The content of the service produced in the Hospital District of Southwest Finland

  • laboratory and pathology requests and results of the hospital district
  • examinations prescribed by health centres and performed in Tykslab
  • the Miranda patient record system entries of the hospital district
  • the X-ray, computed tomography and magnetic imaging documents and pictures produced by the Medical Imaging Centre of Southwest Finland
  • patient documents from the health centres of Loimaa, Parainen, Uusikaupunki, Pöytyä, Kaarina, Naantali, Laitila and Turku

The systems interact between each other based on referential information

Altti contains referential information about what data about each patient can be found in the patient systems.

The patient's treatment data is registered in the unit's own system in health centres, hospitals and other social welfare or health care units, which produces a referential entry in the regional data service.

Fujitsu Services Oy produces the services of Altti and is responsible for its functionality. 2M-IT Oy organises the services of Altti available to the organisations of social welfare and health care.

Who has the right to use the data in Altti?

Use and disclosure of personal data require a doctor-patient or service relationship or other appropriate contact between the patient and the professional.

The information in the regional health care register can only be used if the patient has been informed of the joint regional register. Disseminating information elsewhere requires the patient's consent, which is primarily given in written form.

The professional's right to access this information pertains only to the information necessary in treatment or in any other client relationship in question. People participating in treatment, organising the treatment and customer service are entitled to access the information only in the extent of what is necessary for their work and responsibility.

Patients have the right to know about anyone accessing their information via the regional register. The information can be requested in written form from the registry of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

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