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Continuing Education

We organize a wide spectrum of continuing education (further training) for the personnel of the Hospital District and other employees within healthcare and social services. The goal of continuing education is to uphold and develop professional skills and abilities.

Courses are found under the training program calendar.

Registration and cancelling of registration

Programs are announced on the web and you register for a course by clicking on a link for registration. If you are employed by the Hospital District, please use your email address for registration.

Each course program has information about the final registration date. If you have missed the final registration date, you may ask for available places here: koulutus(a)

Please notice, that the registration is binding. Cancellation must be done before the course. The course will be invoiced unless the registration is cancelled.

You can change your registration information or cancel your registration from the confirmation email's links "Muokkaa tietojasi" (Change your information) or "Peruuta ilmoittautuminen" (Cancel your registration). If you have problems, you can contact koulutus(a)


Our training sessions are generally free of charge for employees of the hospitals, health care centres and municipalities of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.  Other participants are required to pay a fee, which is 50 euros for half-day courses and 100 euros for one-day courses. 

If other fees are carried, information about this will be posted in the course program.

The registration fee will be invoiced afterwards and the invoice mailed to the address given by the participant.

Video training

You can participate in many of our training courses via a remote connection. For those trainings that can be followed via a remote connection, there is a mention of this in the training program.


We welcome feedback from our courses and training sessions. You may give your feedback electronically here (in Finnish).

Course materials

We do not share the materials on our web page anymore. After the course the participants will get an email with a link to the course materials.

We share the materials with authorisation of the author. The materials are intended for personal use only and the copyright remains with the author, if not mentioned otherwise.

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Additional information

Sirpa Saarni
Education planner
Tel. 02 313 1129

Fanni Lintuaho
Personnel secretary
Tel. 02 313 2128

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