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Doctor and nurses.

Flow at work - that's us!

There’s work for you at one of the leading Nordic hospitals. Values that are important for us include compassion, science and research, collaboration and compulsion to develop. We offer highly motivating work for you who are working as a healthcare professional or in maintenance, building technology or administration.  We who work at Tyks number more than 8,000 and there are about 250 different work titles. In the future, we will operate as part of the wellbeing services county of 20,000 employees.

Have a look at open positions

Interested in a temporary or permanent position?

We welcome novices as well as old-timers. We’d like to provide permanent positions, but we need also temporary employees for long-term replacement and on-demand jobs. Working at Tyks has its merits and provides the career opportunities of a university hospital and great teams to work in. 

Did you know this about Tyks?

Info 1: A unique working community of 8000 people, some 250 different work titles.Info 2: A continuation of the work done by the very first hospital in Finland. Modern treatment and care since 1759.Info 3: Very high patient satisfaction - more than 15000 pieces of patient feedback give a satisfaction score of 4.6 out of 5.0.Info 4: Over 400 different wards and open care units, immense choice of job opportunities.

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