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Temporary positions and on-demand jobs

If you haven’t found a permanent position with us or if you are looking for on-demand jobs or training positions, you’ve come to the right address. Here at Tyks we have just the right flow at work and this includes having almost continuously various temporary positions that might interest you. Doing some on-demand jobs allows you to work when it suits you best and is an excellent way to get acquainted with how our units work. We need temporary replacements especially for nurses and ward domestics. 

Just click at the links and have a look at what temporary positions and on-demand jobs Tyks has to offer. Submit an open application through the link “Apply for the job” in the job ad:

Your application will be kept active for six months and, when appropriate, we’ll consider it in connection with upcoming recruitments.

Applications for training positions

Looking for a training position or work try-out? Just submit your application to us, we’ll get in touch when we have a suitable job opening for you.

Here is some more information and the application form.

If you are a physician trained outside the EU/EEA, you can apply for practical internship in Tyks by contacting the head of operational division. See units and contact info.

Information about internship in Tyks viaStudent Exchange Programs.

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You’ll find more information about us also here:

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