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Donating sperm

Baby sleeps on parent's stomach.

There are thousands of Finnish couples who cannot have children although they would want to. There are also numerous independent women who desire maternity. You might be the one to help these people fulfil their dreams.

Can you donate sperm?

  • You are between 18 and 45 years old
  • The quality of your sperm fulfils the requirements
  • A blood test shows that you have a normal chromosome set
  • Urine and blood samples show that you have neither sexually transmitted diseases nor hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

More about donating sperm

One week after sampling you may call the sperm bank (telephone 02 313 2357) about the results. If all is ok, you may book a time for a doctor’s appointment.

The doctor asks about your health, your lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, exposure to other substances) and about any inherited diseases you may have in your family. Then the doctor will determine if you can donate sperm or not.

If you can, you need to sign a donation agreement.

Usually, sperm is collected 8-10 times for freezing. You are asked to verify your identity each time you come to donate.

Before the sperm you have donated can be used to treat infertility, a repeat blood sample will be taken one week after the last donation to check once more that you don’t have hepatitis or sexually transmitted diseases.

Sperm donation and Finnish law

According to the Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments all donors of gametes must be registered. Registration allows the person who is born as a result of the fertility treatment, after he/she has reached 18 years of age, to identify his or her biological father. The act has been in force since 2007 and thus it will be possible for persons born as a result of fertility treatment to contact the biological father at the earliest in 2025.

The sperm donor has no legal obligations nor rights in relation to the child.

Valvira is the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health who maintains the register of gamete donors.

The sperm donor may limit the use of his gametes to be used only to treat heterosexual or married couples, only female couples or only independent females.

Donated sperm may be used to treat infertility for a maximum time of 15 years after the donation. The donated sperm of a single donor may be used to procure a child or children to a maximum of five families. 

The donor may withdraw his consent partially or fully. The withdrawal must be submitted in writing.

The register of the sperm bank includes the following information:  donor code; colour of skin, eyes and hair of donor; donor height, ethnicity and blood group.

No entries regarding the sperm donation or the examinations related to the donation will be made into the medical records of the donor.


Tyks hospital pays 32,40 euros for each visit related to sperm donation, including the visits for the doctor’s examination and infection testing.  This sum is based on the legislation on unemployment benefits (1290/2002).

All examinations preceding the donation are free of charge. Compensation is not paid if the person does not fulfil the requirements for sperm donation.

Contact information

You may contact the sperm bank on:
Tel. 02 313 2357
e-mail: spermapankki(a)

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