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Onset of Childbirth

Childbirth may begin with contractions or water breaking. Bloody mucous haemorrhage is normal in the beginning phase of delivery. If you experience clear or more profuse haemorrhage than during menstruation, or constant and intense pain, you should go to the hospital.

Contractions can first be monitored at home.  Delivery might have begun when the contractions are more intense and occur regularly and more frequently than before. You can alleviate your condition at home by trying various positions, showering, warm cushions or different relaxation methods. You should go to the hospital when you feel that these methods are not sufficient or when you feel that the delivery is well in progress.

Your water can break before the contractions begin, and then you should go to the hospital. If you are unsure whether your water has broken, you can easily wait at home until there is a clear sign of water breaking.

You do not need to inform the hospital before your arrival, but in unclear situations you can always ask for additional instructions.

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