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Care of the newborn baby

After delivery, the mother and baby will stay in the delivery room for a couple of hours. During this time the baby gets acquainted with the world outside the womb as it lies on the mother's chest. There the baby trains how to suck the mother's breast. The nurses follow the well-being of the baby, measure its weight and height and give it an injection of vitamin K to protect against bleedings. The baby does not have to bathed right after delivery.

When the baby is born, the mother's breasts start to produce milk and frequent nursing keeps it up. The baby lies with its mother as much as possible in the postnatal ward. The production of breast milk increases when the baby and mother are in close contact and the baby is frequently nursed. We want to help breast feeding and see to it that it starts well off.

The nurse observes the condition of the baby and gives whatever advice the parents need to care for their newborn child. The daily care of the baby includes changing diapers, washing the baby and care of the skin and belly button. The nurses instruct the father, as well.

The baby is weighed every day. When the baby is in the postnatal ward, its blood sugar, temperature and colour with regard to jaundice are followed. Lab tests are taken, if needed. A paediatrician checks the baby and its hearing when it is 2 days old. If needed, a vaccination against tuberculosis is given.

If the baby needs closer attention, the baby is cared for and followed at the neonatal ward. The parents may help the nurses in taking care of the baby. One of the parents may stay overnight in the family room at the ward.

Information about the project Vanhemmat Vahvasti Mukaan which was initiated at Tyks but is now ongoing in all of Finland.

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