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Wellbeing, rehabilitation and support for cancer patients

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A diagnosis of cancer is always upsetting and confuses the everyday life of the patient and the patient's family. These web pages provide you with reliable information on how you as a cancer patient can support your own wellbeing and rehabilitation.

These web pages inform about the sources that are available for you when looking for support during the times of cancer suspicion, treatment, rehabilitation and adaptation to the new, normal life ahead. Regardless of the illness, the goal is to recover, to maintain a normal everyday life and to attain an optimal quality of life.

Treatment paths

You will find some descriptions of how the treatment of some forms of cancer progresses in the hospital (descriptions of treatment paths, in Finnish).

Throughout the treatment path, the services of a social worker are available for you and your family if you have questions about financial matters. Mental support is available through discussions with crisis workers/the hospital chaplain, the local cancer association or the crisis telephone of the Association for Mental Health. A sex therapist or sex counsellor (in Finnish) is available, as is a smoking cessation nurse (in Finnish). You are free to contact them directly or through the nursing personnel.

Some of the support services are accessible only by referral from a physician. If you need support to promote everyday mobility and exercises, working out, nutritional advice, talk with the nursing personnel. They will direct you to a physiotherapist (in Finnish), nutritionist or speech therapist. You may also see specialists in psychiatry and personal crises by referral.

Peer support

Peer support has been found to be very important for people who fall ill with a serious disease. Personal peer support is available by consulting cancer and patient organizations, the Cancer Society of Finland and your local cancer society. The cancer nurse at the cancer Society of South-West Finland and patient peers are available for discussions every Wednesday at 9–14 hours (9 am to 2 pm) in the Tyks T-hospital, 1st floor, B-wing.

The hospital and cancer organizations arrange also afternoon discussion events on how to manage in everyday life while being treated for cancer (in Finnish) and evening discussions on life after cancer treatment is over (in Finnish). These events are free of charge and you will be able to discuss these important topics with professional experts.


The Association of cancer patients in Finland publishes and maintains a comprehensive selection of patient guides (in Finnish). These guides as well as the houses of the Health village (in Finnish) and the web pages of FICAN West contain updated information on how to cope with cancer in everyday life.


You may apply for rehabilitation courses about 1-2 years after your cancer diagnosis. These courses are financed by Kela and STEA (Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations). The cancer society or a rehabilitation counsellor in Tyks can help you. These courses aim at helping you to adjust and cope with life so that you can live as fully as possible regardless of your illness or any deficits.

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