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​For patients and next of kin


See the emergency visit fees on the Client Fees page.

Physician’s visit

There are physicians of many specialties working in the emergency services. Patients are attended to in order of urgency and waiting times may vary considerably.

Nurse’s visit

Nurses treat mild respiratory and other infections, give injections, perform minor procedures, e.g., glue skin wounds, change urinary catheters and advise in matters of health care.  Nurses may also issue leave of absence certificates.

Nurses are independently responsible for their work. When needed, nurses consult physicians.

Visits by next of kin and enquiries

There are no formal visiting hours at the emergency services. The situation allowing, a brief visit by next of kin is possible.

Vending machines are available in the waiting area for coffee, soft drinks and snacks for family and friends. The machines operate with coins. Please note that a car parking in the hospital area is subject to a charge.

We trust that the family and friends of a patient at the emergency services understand that it is best if only one person contacts the emergency services for enquiries.  Please check when arriving that information on the closest of kin to the patient is correctly entered into our computer system.  Usually it is this named person who is the contact person between the hospital and the patient. Examinations and treatment of patients attending the emergency services may take a long time.

The person closest of kin should call this telephone number for enquiries: 02 313 8930.
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