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Pre-Hospital Emergency care

The pre-hospital emergency care services of the hospital district cover patient transportation and emergency care outside the hospital. The aim is to save life and to prevent exacerbation of injuries.

Paramedics provide acute care outside the hospital (at patients' homes or accident sites). The pre-hospital emergency care unit assesses on site the need for treatment and the degree of urgency. The staff also assesses the need and urgency of transportation to hospital.

Are your first-aid skills up to date?

It is the duty of everyone to help accident victims and other people in distress as much as possible. That's why it is important to acquire and maintain first-aid skills.

The web pages of the Finnish Red Cross have a comprehensive set of first-aid instructions for various situations and information on available first-aid courses.

How can you help us help?

It's a civic duty to know how to make an emergency call and how to help. The Emergency centre provides instructions on how to help when you make an emergency call and may ask you to guide the staff of the emergency care unit to the accident site. Just follow the instructions of the Emergency centre.

From where does the help come?

The Emergency centre acts according to national guidelines when receiving an emergency call and alarms the closest ambulance to the accident site.

If needed, the centre also alarms the closest pre-hospital medical response unit or a second ambulance, depending on need and geographic conditions.

Pre-hospital emergency services are organized regionally and all ambulances within a region are available for the entire region.

In critical situations, the Emergency centre also alarms a pre-hospital physician who comes to the site by car or helicopter.

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