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Joint emergency services of the Turku region

Contact information

Street address

Tyks, T-hospital
Savitehtaankatu 1, Turku


02 313 8800

Joint emergency services of the Turku region

The emergency services of the Turku region are concentrated to the joint emergency service unit located in the Tyks T-Hospital. The unit treats injured patients and patients with sudden illness who need specialized treatment.

Emergency services are also available for patients who need acute help with mental conditions, addiction and dental problems.

Emergency services are open 24/7.

Before leaving for the hospital

  1. Please, always call the help desk, telephone 02 313 8800.
  2. Assess your need for emergency care and how urgent it is.
  3. Take a list with you on what medication you are currently using.

Note! Please call the help desk first, especially if you have sudden symptoms of a respiratory infection.  You will get the appropriate advice on how to treat the condition.

Car parking in the hospital area is subject to a charge.

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