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Client Fees 2021

Customer payments are based on the Customer Payment Act and the Customer Payment Regulation.

The Hospital District recommends that its clients convert the invoices into e-invoices or direct payment. The client may order an e-invoice from his/her internet bank (personal identity number as identifier). Agreements on direct payment are made between the client and the client's bank. If the client uses the OmaPosti application, all invoices are directed to this application.

A summary of the client fees charged from the patients of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland in 2021.

  • Clinic fee €41,20
  • Daily inpatient fee €48,90
  • Day surgical fee €135,10
  • Lowered daily inpatient fee €22,50
  • Rehabilitation day fee €16,90
  • Night/day treatment fee €22,50
  • Psychiatric treatment day fee €22,50
  • Psychiatric night/day treatment fee €11,98
  • Continuing treatment fee €11,40 per visit
  • Fee for a medical certificate or statement €50,80
  • Not cancelled and unused appointment fee €50,80

Remote reception is comparable to normal outpatient or therapy visit and is subject to a fee. The patient will not be charged separately in addition to the visits or daily inpatient fees for imaging studies that are included in the patient's treatment at the hospital.

Emergency visits

Client fees for visits to the Public Utility Emergency Medical Services emergency:

  • Nurse's visit: €28,40
  • Physician's visit: €41,20.

The fee is not charged

  • from patients under 18 years
  • from disabled veterans or war veterans with appropriate certificate of service.

Emergency fees are valid for the joint emergency services of Tyks T-hospital and Tyks Salo hospital as well as for the emergency services in Tyks Loimaa and Tyks Vakka-Suomi hospitals.

Maximum annual fee

Clients cannot be charged more than €683 per calendar year in client fees chargeable for social and health care services. You need to keep track of your accumulated payments yourself. In order to get a complimentary pass you must also provide receipts for paid client fees from other health care institutions. It is your duty to maintain original bills and receipts. The payments of the members of the family under 18 are taken into account in counting the accumulated fees. If the total amount of fees paid in calendar year exceeds the annual ceiling of €683, other services included in the annual ceiling will be free of charge for the remainder of the year. However, short-term inpatient ward stays involves a daily fee of €22,50 for patients over 18 years.

Fees for outpatient clinics

The clinic fee is €41,20.

The fee is not charged

  • in psychiatric outpatient units
  • from disabled veterans or war veterans with appropriate certificate of service.

The fee for continuing treatment is €11,40 per visit for a maximum of 45 visits per calendar year. Continuing treatment fee is not charged from patients under 18.

Day surgical fee

The fee for day surgical procedures is €135,10. If the patient is admitted to an inpatient ward after the procedure, he/she will be charged a €48,90 daily inpatient fee for each day spent in the ward after the procedure.

Fee for an unused and not cancelled appointment

If you are unable to make it to a scheduled appointment, please inform the ward in question by 3:00 PM the day before the appointment.

If your appointment is not cancelled and there are no acceptable and reasonable grounds for not cancelling, the hospital will charge you €50,80 based on the act and decree on client fees. A distrainable fee for unused and not cancelled appointments is charged from patients over 15.

Inpatient ward fees

A €48,90 fee is charged from inpatient ward patients for care and upkeep.

The daily inpatient fee in psychiatric units is €22,50.

Patients in inpatient care are charged for the days of arrival and departure. The day of departure is not charged if the patient is transferred to another municipal institution where a daily bed charge is also in effect.

Patients under 18 are not charged for inpatient stays of over 7 days per calendar year. The patient or his/her guardian must present a valid account of previous periods of treatment. The treatment days at the hospital district are registered and visible in the patient billing office's data system.

The night/day treatment fee is €22,50 per day.

The rehabilitation day charge is €16,90 per treatment day.

Certificate fees

Charged according to the collective agreement in effect. According to the act and decree on client fees, the maximum fee can be €50,80.

Payment commitments

If the patient doesn't pay the fees him/herself, he/she must present a payment commitment, e.g. an insurance certificate from his/her employer or a payment commitment from a sickness fund or a board of social welfare.

Paying hospital fees

You can pay your hospital fees after the treatment has ended by an invoice sent to your home address.

It is now possible to order invoices from the Hospital District of Southwest Finland as direct payment or e-invoice to your online bank. In order to receive invoices as e-invoices, you must make an e-invoice agreement in your online bank. Your user identification is your social security number. You can start using direct payment by making a direct payment agreement with your bank.

Fees for patient from foreign countries

Patients living in EU/EEA countries must present their right to immediate hospital care by an European health insurance card or an equivalent form. A passport or an identity card is sufficient for people residing in the Nordic countries. Patients seeking non-immediate treatment must present the E112 form or they will be charged based on actual costs.

Finland has a treaty with Quebec, Canada, that covers health care during temporary stay in Finland for employees assigned in Finland, students and their family members. A treaty with Australia covers immediate health care for people staying temporarily in Finland, but does not apply to students. For people from these countries, the fees are the same as for people staying in Finland permanently. In order to achieve this right you must present your passport or an identity card.

People residing anywhere else than the EU or the treaty countries are charged the actual costs for immediate and non-immediate treatment.

Foreign patients with a place of domicile in Finland and patients who have a certificate of entitlement to medical care in Finland are charged the same fees as people residing in Finland permanently.

Read more about social and health care client fees at the page of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Appeal against client fee

Client fee reduction or waiver

Flat rate client fees charged by The Hospital District of Southwest Finland cannot be waived or reduced. Services that are charged at a flat rate include (but are not limited to) clinic visits and short-term inpatient ward stays.

If you have received confirmation that you are eligible for income-related fees for long-term ward treatment, you can apply for a fee waiver or reduction on economic grounds. Instructions of how to make a claim for a fee reduction of waiver will have been enclosed with the confirmation of eligibility letter.

Questions regarding client fees

Client invoicing tel. 02 313 1141 on weekdays between 9 am and 1 pm

Secure electronic contact channel: communication service.

You can also contact us regarding client fees by email: potilasmaksut(a) Please note that the email connection is not encrypted.

Appeal against client fee

You have the right to appeal in the event that you are dissatisfied with the client fee. In order to appeal you have to request a decision from the hospital district regarding the client fee. In the request you should specify your reasons for being dissatisfied with the client fee. 

The request should be titled ”Request to receive a decision regarding client fee”. Please send the request to: VSSHP kirjaamo, PL 52, 20521 Turku or send it electronically via the communication service.

We also process requests that are sent by email (potilasmaksut(a), but for data security reasons we do not recommend using email. 

You will receive the decision by mail. Instructions how to make a claim for a revised decision (oikaisuvaatimusohjeet) are enclosed with the decision. The claim for a revised decision shall be made within 30 days of the date you received the original decision.

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Further information

Patient billing office
Tel. 02 313 1141
9 am to 1 pm

Fee ceiling issues
Tel. 02 313 1137
9 am to 1 pm

Billing issues for foreigners
Tel. 02 313 1119

You can also contact us via e-mail:

The e-mail connection is unsecured, so do not include your personal identity code.

Secure electronic contact channel: communication service.