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The Customer Panel of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland

The goal of the Customer Panel of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland is to bring forward the perspective of the patient and the customer in the planning, development, and evaluation of the hospital district's operations. Establishing the Customer Panel's operations is one of the hospital district's binding targets in 2016.

The Customer Panel started its operations in August 2015, and its period of operation is two years. The panel consists of ten ordinary members and ten substitute members, who represent the clientele of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland as extensively as possible. The activities are voluntary.

The Chairman of the panel is Markku Nurminen, and the contact person for the hospital district is planner Minna Pohjola (minna.johanna.pohjola(a)

The Activities of the Customer Panel 

The members of the panel meet every month, in addition to which smaller groups that handle different themes meet whenever necessary. Through their regular excursions to the different units of the hospital district the panel gets acquainted with their activities and the development needs. The Customer Panel takes a position on concrete matters, such as the customer orientation of the premises, equality when it comes to language, and the content of the website, but the voice of the panel is also heard e.g. when the customer orientation of the hospital district's strategy is being defined.

Would you be interested in joining the Customer Panel? Please contact: minna.johanna.pohjola(a) 

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