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The principles of good service

Satisfaction = fulfilled expectations

  • The customer is the owner of his or her own case.
  • The customer has expectations when arriving for treatment.
  • The expectations have to do with both clinical procedures (I hope I'll recover) and the quality of processes (I hope I don't have to wait for nothing).
  • The expectations should be realistic, and it is possible to influence them.

Three big questions of the customer

  1. What is my situation? Diagnosis.
  2. What will happen to me in the future? Treatment.
    • What can be done now?
    • What is the goal and how do we get there?
  3. How has my situation changed? Follow-up.
    • Has the treatment been effective?
    • Parallel with question 1.

The customer as the owner of his or her own case must be able to know the answer to these.

The criteria of good service

  • The core is made up of the expectations and understanding of the customer's own situation and of the goals.
  • In addition to this several service quality elements must be taken into account.
    • The friendly treatment of a customer.
    • Respectful attitude.
    • Taking care of privacy.
    • Equality and the patient's other rights.
  • Additional elements cannot, however, replace a lack in core issues.
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