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We use electronic prescriptions in our hospital district.

An electronic prescription is a prescription for medicines issued and signed electronically by a doctor. The prescription is entered into the centralised database called the Prescription Centre.

The national Prescription Centre contains all electronic prescriptions and the dispensing records entered by pharmacies. Electronic prescriptions and their dispensing details are kept in the Prescription Centre for 30 months or 2.5 years.

Benefits of the electronic prescription

When all the patient's prescriptions are entered in the Prescription Centre, the doctor can, with the patient's consent, check his/her overall medication regimens and prevent possible adverse drug interactions and overlapping.

By the patient's request, a pharmacist can also check his/her overall medication. The nurse caring for the patient can also view the information in the Prescription Centre by the patient's consent.

Electronic prescriptions in a nutshell

The doctor issues an electronic prescription to the patient. The details of the prescription are registered in the Prescription Centre.

The overall medication of the patient is checked from the Prescription Centre on demand. The information is available in the health care services only to the doctors and nurses treating the patient and by the patient's consent.

The patient receives instructions with details about the prescribed medicine. The instructions can make the pharmacy visit faster, but they do not need to be brought along. A KELA card is necessary in order to receive medical compensations.

The medicine can be picked up at the pharmacy by the patient or somebody else for the patient. You need to have the patient's instructions or the patient's KELA card with you in order to prove your right to pick up the medicine for somebody else.

At the pharmacy, the pharmacist retrieves the information from the Prescription Centre and enters the dispensing details.

The medicine information is printed on a sticker attached to the medicine packaging.

All data transfer between health care services, pharmacies and the Prescription Centre is secured data transfer between recognised parties.

Adults can browse their own information at the Prescription Centre from the address

Renewing your electronic prescription can be requested from pharmacies or from health care services.

Source: National Archive of Health Information

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My prescriptions

Adults can view their electronic prescriptions in the My Kanta service.

You need an on-line bank account or an identity card with a chip to log in.