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Referrals to Treatment and Examinations

You need a doctor's referral in order to receive an appointment to non-urgent specialised care and laboratory, imaging or other examinations.

You can choose your place of treatment together with your doctor.

If you fall ill, seek care at your own health centre, occupational health clinic or a private practice. If the treatment requires so, the doctor will write you a referral to the hospital for treatment and examinations.

In case of sudden illnesses, you can visit our regional emergency room without a referral.

We welcome patients all over Finland in our safe and comfortable hospitals!

Treatment plan and invitation to care

A specialist doctor will assess your referral in 3 weeks after its arrival. You will receive a letter, which includes your treatment plan.

The options are

  • an invitation to examination or specialised care
  • returning the referral to the doctor who sent you

In the invitation letter you will find information about when and where to go for treatment or care.

How quickly can I get into the hospital?

Usually it doesn't take more than three months from the arrival of the referral to your admission. In cases of some procedures, you will not receive an appointment but will be set in a queue for the procedure.

If you have received an emergency referral , seek care directly from an emergency room.

Where can I find further information?

Questions about your referral can be directed to

  • the doctor who wrote the referral
  • the treatment or care facility where the referral has been delivered.
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