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Patient Data and Documents

Your personal and treatment information are stored in our patient register. The information is confidential. The information is available to be acquired, viewed or distributed only to people participating in your treatment or related duties. The information can be distributed to third parties only by the patient's consent or by a legal obligation.

Regional data service Altti

Altti is the regional data service of the social and health services of Southwest Finland. The nurses and doctors of Turku University Hospital, regional hospitals and health centres can retrieve patient and treatment information registered in other places of treatment from the register.

The use of the register presumes that the patient has been informed of the use of the register and that the informing has been logged. The data in the register can be used only for the treatment of the patient. Social and health service providers outside the regional client data register can receive patient data information from Altti only by the patient's consent.

More information about Altti

Giving out patient data to the next of kin

Patient data is primarily given only by the patient's consent. If you are unable to give consent due to your condition, we will give information only to the next of kin, unless there is reason to assume that you would deny this.  We cannot give information to anyone else due to professional secrecy and confidentiality. We wish that the next of kin can come to an agreement on who should enquire about the patient and then inform the rest of the next of kin.

Copies of the patient documents

If you require individual patient documents, e.g. for officials, insurance companies or private practitioners, you can fill out the Patient register data copy request form (pdf) and send it to the patient data archive of the respective hospital. Alternatively you can compose a free-form letter, where you should include the following information:

  • The patient's first, middle and last names (also previous names)
  • Your personal identity code
  • Details about the requested patient documents
  • The name of the requester
  • The telephone number of the requester
  • The address where the documents are to be delivered
  • Date
  • The patient's or his/her guardian's signature and print name

You can also send a free-form request electronically via Messages (instructions on Registry's page).

Contact information for Patient Data Archives

X-ray images and information about them are distributed by the Medical Imaging Centre of Southwest Finland.

The right to access patient data

Everyone shall have the right of access to the data about him/her in a personal data file (Personal data act, section 26). The right is personal.

The access request must be presented personally in a health care unit or by a document signed personally or by a document certified equivalently.

  • If you want to access your patient data during a personal visit in the presence of a health care professional, contact the unit that last treated you.

  • If you want to check your patient data and request your information as printouts or copies, deliver either one of the documents below to the patient data archive of the hospital you are requesting information from:

The right of access can be denied only by a special reason, and the negative decision is given in a written certificate of denial, in which you can find the reason of denial. Using your right to access the information is free once per year.

Patient data of patients under 18

Health care officials will assess whether an under-age person can decide on their own treatment. If so, the under-age patient can check their own patient data. In other cases, the right is vested in the patient's guardian or another legal representative. If an under-age patient can decide on their own care, they have the right to deny their guardian's access to the data.

Patient data of a deceased person

Patient data is confidential even after the patient has died. The data of a deceased patient can only be given out to the extent of what is absolutely necessary in discovering and fulfilling the important benefits and rights of the person requesting the data. The person requesting the data does not have limitless access to the patient data of the deceased. The request must always include the purpose of use (the basis for distribution). The request can be done via the form Requisition for the distribution of the patient data of a deceased person (pdf, in Finnish) or by a free-form application. The request is sent to the patient data archive of the hospital in question.

Correcting patient documents

The patient has a right to demand the rectification, erasure or supplementation of erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete or obsolete personal data without undue delay (Personal data act, section 29).

If the request is not accepted, the patient will be given a written reply about the decision. The reply will include the grounds for denial.

The access log information of the patient register

In the act of the electronic processing of social and health care client data (9.2.2007/159), it is decreed that the patient has a right to receive information about who has used or who has been given information regarding to the patient and what has been the basis of the use or distribution by a written request from the health care services provider. The request can be made by the form Request for report on patient register usage log information (pdf, in Finnish and Swedish) or by sending a free-form request to the registry of the hospital district.

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