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Information on patient safety from the Hospital District of Southwest Finland

Patient safety: Key figures (In Finnish)

Reporting system for safety incidents (HaiPro)

Reporting safety incidents constitutes an important part of the assessment and development of the activities of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

Analysis of adverse events (GTT)

The Global Trigger Tool (GTT) is a tool for analyzing patient records retrospectively in a structured way. The GTT uses randomized samples of patient records covering treatment periods. The purpose of analyzing patient records is to identify adverse events that occur among adult patients treated for somatic conditions. The Hospital District of Southwest Finland was the first hospital district in Finland to start adverse event assessment. This took place in 2009.

Check lists

The WHO Surgical Check List is in use at all surgical units of the hospital district. Other check lists have also been adopted (e.g., the ISBAR list to guarantee communication on patient reporting).

Enquiry of safety culture (TUKU)

The TUKU enquiry (short for turvallisuuskulttuuri = safety culture) is a tool to assess the patient safety culture within an organization. The state and development of patient safety is followed up at regular intervals. The Hospital District of Southwest Finland has made this assessment five times since 2009.

Web-based patient safety training

Each new employee must pass the web-based course Potilasturvallisuutta taidolla (Proficient patient safety), which is part of the patient safety introductory program.

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