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When there is an accident

Although each one does his or her best, patient management may not always go as expected. If you have encountered a hazardous incident during your treatment or if you feel that we have made a mistake, please inform the personnel immediately. We sincerely hope that you discuss the incident openly with the people in whose care you are. Usually, matters are best dealt with by discussion and communication.

Patient feedback

We welcome your feedback on the web form provided or on the paper form which is available at all units. Your feedback will be discussed at a meeting of the team working at the unit where you have been or are treated.

Give feedback on how we work

Feedback by SMS is also available on many departments and units. If you use this option, you will receive an SMS message on the next day. That SMS contains a link address to a feedback form which you may use for providing details on what has happened.

Reporting a hazardous incident

The patient or the patient’s family may use a web-based form for reporting a hazardous incident that has occurred during treatment. These reports are handled by a dedicated patient safety person.

Report a hazardous event


If you are unhappy with your treatment or how the personnel communicate with you, you may submit a written notification to the responsible director of the unit.

You will get a reply within a reasonable time. The reply will state what measures have been taken into account of your notification or how the issue has been resolved otherwise.


If you or your family is dissatisfied with your treatment or how the personnel communicates with you, you or your family has the right to submit a complaint about these observations to the authority responsible for supervising health care. The supervising authority will transfer the complaint to be handled as a notification, if the issue has not been dealt with within the unit which the complaint refers to. Complaints are usually submitted to one of the Regional State Administrative Agencies (aluehallintovirasto, regionförvaltningsverk) or to the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).

Patient injury report

In accordance with the Patient Injuries Act (585/1986), the patient insurance system covers costs incurred by person damage if it is caused by healthcare provided in Finland. You may report a patient injury on a form available from the web page of the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre or from the Patient Ombudsman of the unit where you are or have been treated. The patient injury form is submitted to the Finnish Patient Centre.

Notice of drug injury

You will find a form for submitting a notice and making an insurance claim of a drug injury on the web page of the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities.

Ask the Patient Ombudsman for more information on how to submit complaints and making insurance claims.

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