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Hospital Chaplains

We serve patients and the next of kin in Turku University Hospital, Turunmaa hospital, Turku City Hospital, Kaskenlinna Hospital, Karinakoti and some of the Turku and Kaarina elderly care wards. As pastoral counsellors we work for the holistic treatment of patients. You can discuss about worrying matters with us confidentially.

You can contact us yourself via telephone or email, or you can ask the staff or the hospital exchange to contact us for you.

Our job includes

  • providing spiritual and mental support
  • acting as liaisons between different religious communities and health care
  • supporting the bereaved or the ones who have lost their next of kin
  • pastoral counselling and crisis work after disasters, catastrophes or mass accidents
  • cooperation with police and rescue authorities
  • assessing the ethics of treatment.

Each chaplain has their own calm and peaceful office for discussions.

Hospital chaplains have expertise in different religions and health care ethics. The rights of all religious communities and non-religious communities are respected.

If necessary, the chaplain is in contact with other churches or religious communities and gets the pastoral help the patient desires.

Quiet rooms

There are three quiet rooms at the Turku University Hospital.

The quiet room at the T-hospital is located near the canteen, next to a hospital chaplain's room, on the first floor.

The quiet room at the A-hospital is in the main entrance lobby (4A), near the doorman's work room.

The quiet room at the Lighthouse hospital is on the 5th floor, opposite the A-lift, next to the hospital chaplain's room.

The street address of our office

Lighthouse hospital, Savitehtaankatu 5, Turku
5th floor, room H5003

Postal address:
Savitehtaankatu 5
PO box 52
20521 Turku

Telephone numbers

Hilkka Kakko-Helle.

Hospital chaplain director Hilkka Kakko-Helle (mostly responsible for paediatric wards and department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
040 341 7355

Harri Heinonen.

Hospital chaplain Harri Heinonen (mostly responsible for oncology wards, lung diseases and heart wards)
040 341 7357

Outi Ijäs.

Hospital chaplain Outi Ijäs (mostly responsible for psychiatry)
040 341 7362

Outi Ruohola.

Hospital chaplain Outi Ruohola (mostly responsible for neurology, internal medicine, digestive surgery and trauma wards), works 50 percent of the time
040 341 7711

Tatu Kuoppala.

Hospital chaplain Tatu Kuoppala
040 341 7016

As our common field we serve:

The intensive care unit for adults, Tyks Acute and Turunmaa hospital.

Hospital chaplains in other units:

Hanna Hella-Aro, 040 341 7554 (mostly Kaskenlinna hospital)
Katri Helin, 040 341 7116 (mostly Turku City Hospital)
Anne Norvasuo, 040 2417 585 (mostly responsible for part of Turku and Kaarina's city's elderly care wards)

We are a part of the Turku University Hospital expert services.

Person in charge: Hospital chaplain director Hilkka Kakko-Helle.

Loimaa Hospital:

Anne Mäkelä
050 337 3158

Salo Hospital and Halikko Hospital:

Petri Vuorinen
044 774 5244

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