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Social Workers

Our social workers guide and assist the patients and their families so that financial income, social ability to function and participation can continue as uninterrupted as possible despite the disease.

You can seek the council of a social worker by a referral, or in an urgent situation, without a referral as well as via a contact from your next of kin or the health care staff.

Our services include

  • assessing your social ability to function
  • guidance and assistance in social insurances, social benefits, social services, rehabilitation and legal protection
  • assistance in filing applications
  • arranging income needed for treatment and rehabilitation
  • ensuring other necessary income
  • interprofessional co-operation in work groups planning and carrying out the client's treatment and rehabilitation
  • psychosocial support when the patient requires assistance in making decisions

The social work often continues even after discharge. Sometimes for a longer period, if the hospital treatment continues as outpatient visits.

The services of the social workers are free for patients and their next of kin.

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