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Management and Organisation

The council, the executive board and other boards

The highest power of decision in the hospital district is vested in the council of the joint authority. The 75 members of the council are chosen by the member municipalities. Each municipality chooses 1 to 5 members, and the University of Turku chooses two members.

The council has transferred a part of its power of decision to the executive board of the joint authority, which comprises of 19 members. The council of the joint authority chooses 17 members of the executive board, and the University of Turku chooses two members.

The division of psychiatry and the public utilities of the hospital district have their own boards, which decide on issues specific to their respective activity. The joint authority executive board functions as the board of Tyks.


The external auditing of the hospital district is performed by the auditing committee and an auditor according to the inspection regulations. The auditing committee is assisted by an audit unit, whose director is the joint authority auditor.

Other bodies

The minority language committee has been established in order to organise specialised care for the Swedish-speaking population and to develop and co-ordinate the health care education of the hospital district.

The commission for the co-operation of the hospital district functions as the co-operative body of the hospital district. Its mission is to enhance the co-operation between the employer and employees of the hospital district and to process the issues stipulated in the co-operation agreement. In addition, there is an occupational health and safety branch and several co-operative groups in the hospital district.

Executive group

The activity of the hospital district is led by the chief executive officer of hospital district. He is aided by the executive group, which consists of the medical director, chief financial officer, hospital director, executive director of nursing, chief personnel officer, managing director, director of administration and a staff representative.

The dean of the faculty of medicine of the University of Turku, technical director and hospital pharmacist of the hospital district have the right to speak and be present at the executive group meetings.


The strategy of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland is a program approved by the council of the joint authority, in which the goals and activity of the coming years are planned out.

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