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Auditing committee

In order to audit the activity of the joint authority, the council appoints an auditing committee, whose chairman and deputy chairman are members of the council.

The auditing committee monitors the activity of the joint authority according to the Finnish Local Government Act. The committee assesses whether the functional and financial objectives set by the council are fulfilled and whether the activity of the joint authority is organized in a productive and appropriate way.

The committee presents before the council in the springtime their statement concerning the results of the assessment. The assessment statement is presented before the council at the same time as the financial statement. The executive board gives the council a statement concerning the actions called for due to the assessment statement.

The committee must acquire an account of the notices in the audit report from the proper parties and a statement from the administration.

The committee also assesses the notices of the audit report and the accounts of the respective parties and the statements from the executive board. The committee presents the council a proposition about actions made reasonable by the committee preparation and the audit report.

The auditing committee members according to the Council 19th September 2017(deputy members in brackets)

  • Reino Lindqvist, Marttila, chairman (Heikki Vainio, Loimaa)
  • Annika Siren, Turku, debuty chairman (Kirsti Lannermaa, Salo)
  • Antti Ääritalo, Kustavi (Ari Aalto, Salo)
  • Sanna Vauranoja, Kaarina (Piki Kettinen, Rusko)
  • Jukka Sirén, Kaarina (Olli Vestu, Pöytyä)
  • Mona Nylund, Turku (Eija Adenius-Tiilikainen, Turku)
  • Leena Rautiola, Mynämäki (Päivi Föhr, Kaarina).

Presenting official, secretary

Synnöve Niemi, joint authority auditor
Tel. 02 313 3606, mobile 050 438 1826
E-mail form firstname.lastname(at)

The audit process

The council of the joint authority chooses an auditing corporation authorized by the Board of Chartered Public Finance Auditing (CPFA Board) for a statutory audit.

The council has chosen the auditor to be BDO Audiator Oy in the term from 2017. The responsible auditor is JHT, HT Minna Ainasvuori.

The auditors must present the audit report in 3 weeks after the executive board has given the financial statement to be inspected by the auditors.

The financial statement, audit report and the assessment statement of the auditing committee must be presented before the council by June 15th the year after the accounting period.

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