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Web content accessibility refers to making web content accessible through web and mobile services for users. The goal is to improve accessibility of the contents of the web to a wider range of people with disabilities, regardless of any physical or cognitive impairments they may have. When web accessibility is good, equality among people improves for planning of web services and putting them into action.

The directives and criteria specified in WCAG 2.1 are the basis for the requirements for services that provide users with improved accessibility to web content. Web services are accessible when the web works technically flawlessly, is easy to use and the contents easy to understand.

Improvements under 2020

In April of 2019, the Act on the provision of digital services (in Finnish) came into Finland. This act is based on the Directive of the EU on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies (in Finnish) and is officially binding. Consequently, also our Hospital District must, after transition period, make our web content accessible, as required by the Directive.

The Hospital District of Southwest Finland published its web pages in 2014. Thus, our web pages must conform with the Directive and the WCAG criteria (level AA) from 23 September 2020.

For us, smooth access to our services and equal treatment of all citizens are top priority. Our web pages do not fulfil all accessibility criteria as yet. During this year we shall work on improving the technical accessibility and contents of our web pages. For this, we are, for example, performing a set of tests and technical improvements as well as scrutinizing the current contents of texts, images and attachments. There will be training for the personnel on how to produce accessible web content.

Help us to make it better

Have you felt that our web pages are inaccessible? Please let us know! We are very grateful for all feedback and all suggestions to improve our standards. Just drop a line or two to us at verkkotoimitus(a) We will do our best to correct any flaws and solve problems.

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Directive of the EU on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies
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