​Here to help: electronic maternity card introduced

The Hospital District of Southwest Finland has already been using the CSAM iPana Maternity® electronic patient information form, and now these services are expanding with the introduction of an electronic maternity card.

 Electronic maternity card.

The electronic maternity card is a digital version of the paper-based maternity card. All the information regarding the pregnancy – from the preliminary patient information to the postpartum checkup – are recorded on the electronic maternity card. The physical paper-based maternity cards are phrased out of use gradually. If the pregnancy monitoring has been started with a paper-based card, the electronic maternity card will not be adopted in the middle of the pregnancy.

By filling out the requested patient information form and the questionnaires before your first maternity clinic visit, you can participate in your own care and the monitoring of your pregnancy. Your maternity card is always with you and the versatile digital maternity services are always within your reach.

Through this service, you can communicate your personal wishes to your health care professionals, and keep a diary where you can document your pregnancy by using your own pictures and words. You can record your home measurements, such as your blood pressure or blood sugar, and your health care provider can access them instantly. You will also be able to see the notes regarding your care made by health care professionals whenever and wherever.

You can access the service through a secure SSL connection with your computer, phone or tablet. The service also includes a databank (only available in Finnish), which has information on the growth and development of the foetus, as well as answers to the most common frequently asked questions expectant mothers have. The service also includes a nationwide discussion board for expecting mothers.

You can return to examine your notes and how your pregnancy processed even after the pregnancy. If you wish, you can also print out a summary of your pregnancy and delivery as a memento.

For more information (in Finnish), please visit https://www.ipana.fi.

Modified : 21/10/2019 15:24
Created : 11/01/2019 15:05