New appearance on our website

Our website has a new appearance from 11 January 2018 and Turku University Hospital (Tyks) is more visible now than before. The colours red and blue dominate on the new front side.  

The renewal of the website started from a need to modernize the appearance of the pages and make them correlate more with the brand of Tyks. Almost all of our patients have errands to Tyks, now that Psychiatry and Tyks-Sapa also have been transferred to Tyks.

Even the emergency care units are situated in Tyks hospitals, although they belong to their own governmental owned company.  

Turunmaa Hospital still appears on the website with their own logo. The Hospital District also appears on the website with its own logo, but now more in the background in the role of the owner.  

Apart from the appearance, we have also made one significant renewal in the function of the website. There is now, apart from a search function for the hospital's own wards, also one for all of the Hospital District's clinics and wards, which are listed on a webpage. You can narrow down the long list by choosing a hospital or a division by searching with the name of a ward. 


Over half of our website visitors use a smartphone or a tablet for reading, which we have taken into account in the renewal of the webpages.  

New appearance on our website on smartphone.


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Esa Halsinaho, Chief of Communications
Miika Jääskeläinen, Web Editor

Modified : 21/10/2019 15:28
Created : 11/01/2018 08:35