The mail delivery strike has ended


Mail delivery has returned to normal in the hospital district.

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The Finnish Post and Logistics Union (PAU) has ended their strike. For the moment the personnel of the Hospital District continues to function in the same way as during the strike, at least until the end of week 48. Our operations will gradually return to normal.

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Employees of the Finnish Post and Logistics Union (PAU) have gone on strike starting Monday, November 11, 2019.  The Hospital District of Southwest Finland has taken several preparatory actions to mitigate the effects of the strike to our patients and customers.  

The leading chief physician, Dr. Mikko Pietilä, says that the mail delivery strike causes grave problems for the delivery of referrals, time reservation notifications, invoices and other mail sent from the hospitals of the Hospital District and from the Hospital District itself.

– In effect, the strike makes it impossible for patients to receive reservation notifications and other mail from the hospitals. Mail in the form of parcels will, nevertheless, be delivered during the strike. This means that laboratory samples will be delivered on time from the sampling units to the laboratories, Dr. Pietilä says.

– We are contacting our patients by telephone or SMS messages during the strike. We will make the necessary resources available for this at our units.

Urgent referrals will be processed immediately after arrival, as the instructions of the Hospital District requires. Information on of less urgent bookings will be checked by telephone calls to the patients.

Dr. Pietilä points out that now is the time to answer when the phone rings, especially if a call from Tyks or some other hospital within the district is expected.

– Patients who have been sent a booking notification have already thus far routinely been reminded about their appointment by SMS messages. This messaging works well fortunately also during the mail delivery strike. This will guarantee that the patient's visit will take place, Dr. Pietilä says.

Chief of logistics, Mika Leivo, informs that 2000–2500 letters are sent from the Hospital District every day. 

E-invoicing recommended for patient fees

The payment time of invoices sent to patients after November 5, 2019 has been extended. The due date of invoices mailed during the mail delivery strike has been extended by 14 days from our normal payment time. Our clients will not be charged extra for this and payment reminders will not be sent, as long as the instructions on payments are followed. These payment prolongations do not apply to invoices sent earlier.

The Hospital District recommends that its clients convert the invoices into e-invoices or direct payment, because for these methods invoicing is not dependent on the arrival of paper invoices by the mail. The client may order an e-invoice from his/her internet bank (personal identity number as identifier). Agreements on direct payment are made between the client and the client's bank. If the client uses the OmaPosti application, all invoices are directed to this application.

Start using OmaPosti

In OmaPosti you can receive electronic mail such as Tyks' letters of invitation and invoices. You are also able to pay invoices directly in OmaPosti. Get familiar with the service and start using OmaPosti.




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