Tyks finished operations in Paimio and Raisio Hospitals

Hospital District of Southwest Finland has finished treatment of patients completely in Tyks Paimio and Raisio Hospitals in June 2015.

Specialised health care services in Paimio Hospital were finished 5.6.2015 when Rehabilitation ward moved to Turku Kaskenlinna Hospital, Vähäheikkiläntie 3. The phone number for the ward, 02 313 4285, remains the same.

Paimio Hospital Laboratory, Tykslab 130 was closed 1st of June.

The traditional Paimio Hospital building designed by Alvar Aalto will still house Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, MLL.

Raisio Hospital was shut down when the Gastroenterological Outpatient Clinic moved to Tyks Main Hospital, Turku, during the last week of June 2015.

Tykslab 139 (Raisio Hospital Laboratory) and Raisio Radiology 143 will remain operational in Raisio Hospital. Also, Raisio Health Center will remain at the same address in Sairaalakatu.

Modified : 06/11/2019 08:20
Created : 16/06/2015 12:32