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The Department of Clinical Neurophysiology moves to the Lighthouse Hospital

Clinical Neurophysiology has had two units at its disposal in the Tyks U-Hospital. The open care diagnostic examination unit is located on the 4th floor and the video EEG- and sleep research unit on the 7th floor. When the department moves to the Lighthouse Hospital, these two units will merge and the entire department operates at one location.

Relocation schedule and activities during the relocation

Both units of the department twill move on the same day, 7 February 2022. The daily activities will be slightly reduced before and after the relocation. On the week we move, we will only perform emergency examinations.

Where will you find us after 7 February 2022?

We are moving to the 5th floor of the Lighthouse Hospital.  You enter the hospital via entrance 22A which is the main entrance to the Lighthouse Hospital. Take the B-lift (B-elevator) next door to the café to the 5th floor.  When you exit the lift, turn to the right. The entrance to the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology is through door K5001 to the right of the corridor.

See detailed arrival instructions.

Telephone numbers

Our telephone numbers remain largely unchanged. On the day we move to the Lighthouse Hospital you will reach us best by phone on number 02 313 2936 (office). Other contact information and additional information about what we do.

How will things change?

The entire Department of Clinical Neurophysiology moves to the modern, dedicated facilities of the Lighthouse Hospital and will become one integrated unit. Now that all our work is done in one floor, it will be easier to move personnel and apparatus around more flexibly than before, if needed.

We are going to be located closer to the departments that need our services, like emergency EEG’s, the most (e.g. intensive care, emergency services (Tyks Acute), Department of paediatrics and Department of neurology). We also carry out peroperative surveillance examinations. In the Lighthouse Hospital we are in closer contact with the operating rooms where surveillance studies are needed the most.


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