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The Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine moves to the Lighthouse Hospital

What, where, when?

The entire clinic of paediatrics and adolescent medicine moves during he time between 1 February and 15 February 2022 from the U-hospital to the Lighthouse hospital. We will do our utmost to make the relocation as smooth as possible for our patients.

Date of relocation
Who moves?
​New location
​Friday 4 February 2022
​Paediatric surgery ward
4th floor
​Monday 7 February 2022
​Breast milk bank
​1st floor
Tuesday​ 8 February 2022
​Paediatric emergency ward
Paediatric intensive care unit
Paediatric ward
​2nd floor
4th floor
2nd floor
​Wednesday 9 February 2022
​Paediatric haematology outpatient clinic and ward
5th floor
​Thursday 10 February 2022
Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
​3rd floor
Friday 11 February 2022
​Paediatric neurology outpatient clinic
Paediatric outpatient clinic
Paediatric day hospital
​2nd floor

2nd floor
2nd floor

New address

Our new address is Savitehtaankatu 5, Turku. The main entrance has the number 22A.

Here are the instructions for arriving at the Lighthouse Hospital.

Telephone numbers

Our telephone numbers do not change, and you will reach us at the same telephone numbers as before.

Functions during and after the relocation

Our functions will be reduced during the time between 31 Jan 2022 and 16 Feb 2022. Emergency patients will be admitted as before.

The Lighthouse Hospital, where will will work after the relocation, will provide us with brand new and modern facilities. Before the relocation some functions will be limited, e.g., there will be slightly fewer operation.

Once we have moved most of the paediatric care will take place in the Lighthouse Hospital. Only a part of paediatric neurology remains in the U-hospital.

Paediatric emergency care

Paediatric emergency care will move on 8 February 2022 and after that date paediatric emergency care is provided in the Lighthouse Hospital. The Paediatric emergency care unit be situated in the 2nd floor of the Lighthouse Hospital. You reach the unit by taking the main entrance and, from there, the A elevators (lifts) or steps to the second floor.

Before coming, please call 02 313 1420. In case of emergency, always call 112.

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