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Relocation of the surgical wards to the Lighthouse Hospital

Relocation dates of the operation units

The operation units will move between 31 January and 13 February 2022.

  • Day surgery, Ear-nose-throat and Oral and maxillofacial surgery move between 31 January and 6 February 2022.
  • Gynaeocologcal and paediatric surgery move between 31 January and 13 February 2022.

Functions during the relocation

During the weeks of the relocation, only emergency operations will largely be performed.

Where are the operation units moving?

The surgical and day surgery department will move to the 4th floor of the Lighthouse Hospital. You enter the Lighthouse Hospital through entrance 22A which is the main entrance to the hospital. Take the B-lift (B-elevator) next door to the café to the 4th floor.

See here detailed instructions for arriving at the Lighthouse Hospital.

Emergency functions

The surgery department is on call for emergency services 24/7 also during the time of the relocation.

How will things change?

Moving to new facilities will mean that four operation units and one day surgery department will be located in one and the same place in the Lighthouse Hospital. Day surgery will become part of the surgical department and most adult patients will have their operation performed on the same day they arrive at the day surgery department. They arrive at the hospital in the morning.

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