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Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology moves to Lighthouse Hospital

Tyks Lighthouse Hospital.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Tyks will move to the Lighthouse Hospital between 10 January 2022 and 10 February 2022.

Relocation dates for the units

Name of unit

​Date of relocation

Floor in the Lighthouse Hospital

​Gynaecology Outpatient Clinic
​Lift A, 6th floor 
J = to the right and
K = to the left
​Gynaecology ward
​Lift A, 6th floor, to the right
​Gynaecology emergency services
​Lift A, 6th floor, to the right
​Seri Support Centre
​Lift A, 6th floor
Office hours: room 20, across lifts
Outside office hours: to the right at Gynecological emergency services
​Maternity Outpatient Clinic
​Lift B, 6th floor, to the left
Emergency services during pregnancy and labour
​Lift B, 3rd floor, to the left
​Prenatal Care Unit
​Lift B, 3rd floor, to the left
Department for families and newborns
​Lift A, 8th floor, to the right
​Fertility laboratory
​10. 01.2022 ja
​Lift A, 6th floor, to the left 
​Breast milk bank
​1st floor

The telephone numbers remain unchanged.

Functions during relocation

On the day of the relocation non-urgent services will be limited, otherwise normal services will be available.

Emergency services of the clinic will continue operating 24/7. After the relocation, Gynaecological emergency services and the Seri support centre will operate in conjunction with the Gynaecological ward on the 6th floor.

Emergency services during pregnancy and labour and the maternity ward will be located on the 3rd floor.

How will things change?

  • The Pregnancy follow-up clinic, Emergency services during pregnancy and labour and the Maternity ward will all be located close to each other.

  • The delivery rooms are more spacious than now, which means a higher level of safety. The facilities allow effective management of labour pain and the presence of a support person.

  • We have introduced yoga belts fastened to hooks in the ceiling of the delivery rooms for non-pharmacological pain management and relaxation.

  • There are 9 single-person rooms and 4 double-person rooms in the Pregnancy follow-up clinic. A support person can stay overnight in all single-person rooms.

  • There are 20 single-person rooms and 9 double-person rooms in the department for families and newborns. A bed is provided for a support person in 17 of these rooms.

  • The newborn is tended to in the delivery room on special tables for neonatal stimulation. This means that the baby does not need to be moved to another room for post-delivery care.

  • If the baby should need intensive care, the mother and support person together with the baby move to the care of a midwife in a family unit for premature babies which is located on the same floor. From there, the baby and family are then discharged home in due time. The closeness of the units to each other facilitates collaboration and improves safety.

  • Patients attending for a gynaecological operation will as a rule come directly to the surgical ward and, condition allowing, will also be discharged from there without the need for ward treatment.

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