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Medical imaging (radiology) moves to the Lighthouse Hospital

UB2 radiology and Dental radiology move to the Lighthouse Hospital

Radiology department UB2 radiology and Dentalia radiology move to the new Lighthouse Hospital on 24 January 2022. The imaging equipment will be moved to the new location in early 2022 (weeks 1–8). During this time radiological activities will be reduced.

Where will you find us after the relocation?

The former UB2 radiology unit moves to the Lighthouse Hospital and gets the name Radiology. You will find this unit in the 5th floor. You enter the hospital via entrance 22A which is the main entrance to the Lighthouse Hospital. Take the B-lift (B-elevator) next door to the café to the 5th floor.

The Dentalia radiology unit will be renamed Dental radiology and be located in the 7th floor. You enter the Lighthouse Hospital via entrance 22A which is the main entrance to the hospital. Take the A-elevator (lift) to the 7th floor. 

See how to reach the Lighthouse Hospital.

Telephone numbers

Our telephone numbers remain largely unchanged.

How will things change?

The functions of the UB2 and Dentalia units remain the same. We will get two new MRI devices for imaging. These new devices will be places in Radiology on the 5th floor.

Flying squirrel.

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