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Bobcat standing on a rock.

Animals in the Lighthouse hospital

The archipelago and the serene life of the archipelagic nature are transformed into vivid animals along the corridors of the new hospital. Scroll through the magnificent works of art below, designed by Mikko Sinervo, hospital architect.

Click on the images to enlarge them. 

Bees flying on a flower field.A fox in a forest.

Bobcat walking on a fallen tree. Flying squirrel on a branch

Squirrel on a tree. Two sheep.

A lady bug. Swan-mother and four little swans.

Seagull flying to its nest. Four ants.

Blue dragonfly. Blue butterflies flying.

Three bears. Two rabbits.

Two hedgehogs.Badger.

Two elks.Two stoats.

A stork.Two deers.

A seal.Fishes swimming.

A lizard.

Päivitetty: 11/01/2022 12:42