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How does the Tyks Cancer Centre operate?

The Tyks Cancer Centre arranges cancer treatment and research in the area of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland. All units within the Turku University Hospital where cancer patients are treated have the common designation: Tyks Cancer Centre. Our responsibility areas are (within the Turku University Hospital): prevention, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, advanced scientific research and education in the field of cancer on the level of specialized medical care.

Tyks Turun yliopistollinen keskussairaalaUniversity of TurkuOECIEuropean reference networks.   

Annual Report 2021

Tyks Cancer Centre Annual Report 2021 (pdf)

 Cancer and cancer treatment

Different forms of cancer and how they are treated.The treatment of cancer patients follows specific treatment pathways. Read about different forms of cancer and how they are treated.

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 Tyks Cancer Board; Executive committee:

Chair, Hospital Director, Tyks
Petri Virolainen

Head of Operational Division Surgery and Cancer Diseases, adjunct professor, Tyks
Sirkku Jyrkkiö

Head of Section Cancer, Surgery and Cancer Diseases, professor, Tyks
Heikki Minn

Head of operational division Department of Digestive Surgery and Urology, adjunct professor, Tyks
Arto Rantala

Head of operational division Medicine, Hematology, Chief Physician
Maija Itälä-Remes

Professor, Department Head Physician Pathology, Laboratory services
Markku Kallajoki

Head nurse, Surgery and Cancer Diseases
Ritva Kosklin

Director, MD, PhD, adjunct professor, FICAN West Cancer Centre
Pia Vihinen

Development Manager, RTT, PhD, Fican West Cancer Centre
Mervi Siekkinen