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To family and friends

Cancer has a profound impact also on the family and friends of the patient. But people react differently when a dear person becomes ill: some are paralyzed, some become anxious, some become active and look for help.

The support persons and relatives of cancer patients need to consider their own resources and wellbeing and to check their limits. It is important that they themselves remain healthy and are able to help when their beloved one is ill. 

Read more about how family and friends may reach out to support the patient.

Peer groups help family and friends to manage

Peer groups can provide valuable mental and spiritual support to family and friends of a beloved one who falls ill with cancer. In a peer support group, you will find people with similar experiences as those of yourself and you can discuss these matters in the group. You will be able to talk openly about your feelings, fears and hopes for the future and you will be heard.

Visiting cancer patients

Visiting cancer patients is important for the patient and his/her family and friends. It is good to maintain a low threshold for visiting cancer patients.  Visits allow the family of the patient to spend high-quality time with the patient.

Instructions and information about visiting patients.

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