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Patient recruitment into clinical trials

If you are interested in an ongoing trial, please discuss this with your physician. Your treating physician may also suggest participation in a trial. 

Trial participant's trial information document

Before a patient participates in a trial, the trial physician will talk with the patient about the trial and give written information about the trial.  The patient should read the information document carefully.  

Participation in a trial is always voluntary

Participation in a trial is completely voluntary and is based on the trial subject's consent. The trial subject may also, at any point in time, discontinue his/her participation in the trial and does not have to give any reasons for this decision.  

Suitability to participate

The suitability of a participant is examined, among other things, with laboratory testing and radiological imaging.

A requirement for participation is that the subject is able to follow the instructions of the trial protocol. The clinical trial physician and trial nurse will explain the contents of the trial protocol. 

Control of clinical trials by authorities and insurance

All clinical trials running in FICAN West (Finland Cancer Center) have received a favourable opinion by an Ethics committee and have been approved by the FIMEA (Finnish Medicines Agency).

The trial participants are covered by a patient insurance and a pharmaceutical injury insurance.

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