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To the pharmaceutical industry

FICAN West (Finland Cancer Center) pursues international multicenter phase I–IV trials and national and international investigator-initiated trials.  

We want to offer our cancer patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.  

All trials follow good clinical practice (GCP) and adhere to the Declaration of Helsinki.   

Within FICAN West (Finland Cancer Center) clinical trials may be run in open care units, wards and the trial ward of the Tyks Hospital and the central hospitals of Satakunta and Vaasa. 

About 12 study nurses work in the units of these hospitals. 

The study coordinator of FICAN West assists investigators and sponsors in making the necessary agreements in collaboration with the Turku clinical research Centre (CRC) .


Contact information to the trial coordinator:
Kirsi Penttilä
tel. 02-313 0607

Please contact the following address if you want to submit a new trial: syopatutkimus(a)

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