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High-quality research guarantees high-quality treatment


Cancer treatment runs in parallel with advanced scientific research. The Turku University Hospital is the second largest cancer research centre in Finland.  Its mission is to coordinate cancer research and teaching on the entire west-coast area. The goal is to apply research information as effectively as possible to clinical work in all three hospital districts of the Tyks special responsibility area.

The role within cancer research of the Cancer Centre is also of national significance. The goal is to integrate cancer research within the region into clinical patient work throughout Finland.

Ongoing research projects

A patient may opt for participating in one of the ongoing clinical cancer trials in the Tyks Hospital. Such participation provides valuable input for improvement of cancer treatment and for the development of new anticancer drugs. Participation in a trial is always voluntary.

Here you may have a look at ongoing scientific cancer trials.

Every patient has the right to express how he/she wants to have the cancer treated. Every patient has the legal right to good and fair treatment and has the right to information on his/her health and treatment.

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Participating in research trials 

If you are interested in participating in ongoing cancer research trials or if you want to know more about these trials, please contact the unit where you are being treated.

You may advance cancer research and research on health and illness by giving your consent to biobanking. A biobank consent means that you allow samples of your blood or tissues to be taken in connection with regular treatment procedures for storage and processing in a biobank. Samples from the biobank are used for cancer research – for example, for developing new treatments.

You may give your biobank consent here